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I’m Courtney L. Gillard, Owner & Fashion Designer of LaDy LaDuke & Founder of SEO Brand Magic, Mom Blogger PLR & Club-Content.

Creativity, SEO and business are my passions!

I was once asked how I got into SEO being a fashion designer, and the funny thing is, my SEO specialty and designing are quite similar.

In order to get found in a search and picked by Google, you have to have style, presentation and attention to detail in your brand and products. All of those bits and pieces of your business model must come together just so, and shape into something beautiful. Then, that graceful shape must be communicated to both your human audience and a search engine robot, together.

It’s the shaping and puzzle building that I do in design that I do as well for my SEO clients. And the more creative in presentation, the better SEO performance.

So you might think as a small business owner, entrepreneur and creator that you don’t stand a chance competing with big business in SEO, but you actually have the heart and soul of what it takes. Because, SEO for the future is all about you, your brand, your products, your creativity and your presentation. I just help you present and communicate that effectively for the so called online game we play in business.

I can do that, because I’m one of you, and I get you.

Regardless of where you are in your Entrepreneur business or Etsy business, either just starting or very experienced, I want to be your confident guidance and unwavering support.

I am confident I can help you at any level and budget, and I know you can live your dreams as creators and entrepreneurs.

You can find me at my Business Etsy Shop, BLOGmoda My Blog helping clients, at the Mompreneur Content Shop, Mom Blogger PLR, as well as over at LaDy LaDuke, where I still keep my creative juices flowing in design and fashion.

Here’s to your success!

welcome~”Courtney L. Gillard is an SEO Specialist with her own SEO and Business Consulting Service for entrepreneur clients, as well working for Shine Avenue Creative, Thrive5Media and Modern Business Chicks. She is also a best selling author on Amazon with her How To Etsy Book Series.”


Welcome to SEO Brand Magic!


So, what is all this Brand Magic?


I know it doesn’t quite go together when you first hear it…SEO & Brand Magic, so let me explain why I chose that name.

SEO & Branding are one in the same now. This is if you are practicing new SEO, not old SEO. It comes down to a very basic concept that isn’t about any tricks. Google wants to serve up the good stuff in a search to its searchers…that’s it.

Now, the more complicated part of serving up “the good stuff” is tapping that for your audience and that search engine robot, combined. This is the part that takes both art and science.

Growing, aged, real and authentic brands tend to be viewed by Google as “the good stuff”. These are trusted brands with product and content rich sites, offering tangible goods, value and entertainment.

“Brand Magic” is completely appropriate in what I offer as my SEO services in that there is nothing “magic” and overnight about proper and new SEO. There are no magic tricks that a new Google robot won’t eventually catch up to, and punish.

Yet, “magic” is what you need to find in yourself as a business and brand. It’s what you need to create, hone, shape and unfold so well, as if floating off the tips of your fingers. The “magic” in your presentation is what connects you to your niche audience and market. It builds that trust, and makes that imprint.

There are no tricks up my sleeve. Just real work in helping you create your brand, understand yourself and your market, and then connecting your product and content rich site to that audience. All while making it easy for the search engine robot to understand who you are, know your audience likes you, and then serve you up as “the good stuff” in a search.



Let me help you navigate the site, and understand my purpose…

SEO can be time consuming, complicated and expensive. It is also shifting towards the bigger businesses, just because they have bigger budgets.

My purpose is to help the smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who have smaller budgets, still obtain proper SEO Branding and business plans. This can be done through smarter and more affordable DIY strategy.

I’m creating SEO products that give you the ability to walk away with confidence to implement On Page SEO content and keywords on your own site, not only technically with Google Friendly optimization, yet with a purpose and understanding of your brand and niche market.

And, because I own a CONTENT SHOP, Mom Blogger PLR, I have an ability to package relevant content bundles businesses will need to start their SEO plans. Your branding and SEO presentation stem from your properly structured content and content marketing. Without it, you don’t exist online, and waste a bunch of time blogging and marketing with all the wrong words.

I’ll also be referring to Mom Blogger PLR’s blog that I write throughout the site to help with better business learning.

Here at SEO Brand Magic…

I’ll walk you through what SEO BRANDING and BRAND MAGIC entails, and how you can begin to brand yourself. You’ll learn about the importance of marketing research in both people and keywords, and understand the necessity of a business plan and marketing strategy working for you.

You can find my SEO SERVICES at my BLOGmoda My Blog Business Etsy Shop. As well as ETSY SEO SERVICES & SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE SERVICES.

MARKETING all that SEO content is vital, because how people receive your content, and share it, determines your status as a brand in a search.

You’ll also discover your WEB DESIGN & SEO can be packaged together. So many spend good money on GRAPHIC DESIGN, and that’s all they get. It might be really pretty, but it’s not doing anything to grow your business.

And, you spend so much time filling in pages and blog posts with random and irrelevant content, only because you just don’t know what your content should be. This is my specialty, and I’ve partnered with a web designer to bring you both business web design and SEO at a price you typically see for just a business web design.

welcomeI’m here to help you start right with a new site, or perform better with an existing, and I’m confident I can help you on any budget.



Confident Conviction~Unwavering Support


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