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Brand Magic & The New SEO


SEO changes all the time. It also has a lot of game players for you to compete with. What does this mean? There will always be someone fooling the search engine and ranking in front of you, but they will not be able to stay there, because Google constantly employs new algorithms to punish the game players.


The Game Players Will Die


What is an SEO game player for our purposes here? This is a website employing all the tricks to get to the top of the search, and it’s hard for the Google robot to see that. What the robot eventually sees is the behavior of the searchers.


The searchers don’t find what they were looking for, or anything interesting, and return back to the search engine.


They call this behavior, “the user’s end”.


Now, that search engine robot has solid information on user behavior to rank that website for that particular search word or keyword. Try to always keep in mind that search engines are in customer service. They want to bring the best and most wanted search results to their target customer searchers. That means you have to be a real brand with a real and very good product for that searcher to find and stay.


So, even though there are many ways to fool the search engine robot, it will eventually catch up, and you don’t want to be a business or blogger at the mercy of the next Google update either being a game player or being mistaken for a game player. You want to be that site offering the best, matching the searcher, and making them stay.


You become the “user’s end”.


Why Do You Need Brand Magic SEO with Your Web Design?


*So You Don’t Waste Time


How many people start a business online knowing everything about SEO? Very few.


Many choose a website designer, love the look, love their brands, ideas and product, and know they can help people, but if you don’t choose a specific SEO plan for your business brand, product, model, web design and website content, you will spend years of wasted time, because you didn’t set yourself up to start right.


The money you spend on Brand Magic SEO now, will save you so much time and money later. You’ll reach your target market faster, grow product sales faster, and give yourself a chance to succeed.


*So Both You & Your Target Market Find Each Other


The hardest thing to grasp when you start an online business is that you have to shape your business plan to the online game. What is the online game? It is all about word choices…the words your target searchers choose to search, and the words you choose for your business to reach those target searchers. The right chosen words are your connection. Without them, you’ll never connect.


*So Your Searchers Find Your Brand Magic & Stay


Many in business think if they are at the top of a search, magic will happen. Being found in a search is just the door to be opened to your business home and magic brand.


If you do not have everything in place for your target market of visitors when they arrive, your top search status doesn’t matter, because they won’t stay, and turn away.


Brand Magic SEO is not only creating your door, but making your business home and product magical, beautiful, inviting, and engaging so that your target guests feel at home, stay and want to come again.


Guess What?


Your Brand Magic SEO is exactly what Google wants and rewards. You, the real person, the real brand and product, the real place for guests in your magical business home are what Google wants to bring to the top of a search. You and that Google robot have the same target goals, and your Brand Magic SEO just helps that robot know it to reward you.


brand magicTo Understand Brand Magic Services, You Need Basics of SEO Explained…


Successful Search Engine Optimization means you are ranked in searches. But, now you know the most successful SEO occurs when the searcher lands on your site from a search, and stays, buys, converts, bookmarks or makes note for later.


Why is this so important?


Because from what you read above, the search engine robot takes note of the searcher’s activity, and if that target searcher comes back to the search page, instead of staying on your site, your site will lose its rankings over time.


It’s hard for the Google robot to determine your real status immediately.


This is why your real brand, real product and who you are as a real business and person in business are so important to your long-term success. Google does want to reward you in a search, if you have what that searcher really wants.


Product Focus is Key.


You may have many types of product, or you and your services are the product you offer. Ultimately, your product, demand for it, quality and presentation of it determine your success.


The first thing to do daily in business is check your product, and look within. And, there is always room for improvement.


This is the target goal with SEO Brand Magic. It’s about the focus on your business brand, product and presentation along with strategic on page and off page SEO applications.


Ultimately, the people landing on your site for your product, and what they think and do there is the ruling factor over everything else.


brandWhat to Expect with Your SEO Brand Magic Services


-SEO takes time to complete, time to see results, and must be real. Any kind of fast service is a red flag for Google.


-SEO is customized for every business. Your business message, product, the keyword search words that match those, how they trend or change, the number of people who use those keywords, the competition of others using those keywords all are factors that must be weighed for each application.


-SEO occurs in steps. Branding, messaging and presentation must be done first, along with extensive keyword research to determine each custom and best performing application.  Optimized on page content must be organized from this keyword research and presented effectively, and off page SEO applications must enhance, support and reinforce all on page SEO content.


-SEO can be expensive. Why? It takes time, it takes expertise and skills, and Google makes it difficult and expensive on purpose. There are SEO applications that you may need, but cannot afford, because they involve creating a private and cloaked network of high Google Page Rank sites that are authentic and relevant to your niche, plus all built with proper SEO applications as well.


-Is SEO only for the really big businesses with big budgets? Yes and no. The big businesses can afford to pay for a custom private network of sites pointing to them with backlinks, giving them a great advantage, but the smaller businesses can still do many SEO applications to help their businesses over time, and on a budgeted schedule.


-Does every business have to have a custom private network of high GPR sites pointing to them with backlinks? Not necessarily. Sometimes, the more affordable steps of setting up your on page and initial off page SEO applications, plus your more important focus on branding and product presentation can provide significant results for your business.


-Is it a guarantee that you will reach page one or number one? Never. And you should be cautious of any service making this promise. It’s the nature of how searchers, keywords and SEO change, the interpretation from a robot, as well as the unpredictable behavior of your competition or just SEO game players in the mix, that make it impossible to guarantee results. Promises like this may involve buying backlinks that will get you in trouble with Google.


-Do you need to do SEO that doesn’t guarantee page one results for your business? Absolutely. It’s just a fact of business online to have your proper SEO Brand Magic in place. The more you can have in place, and over longer periods of time, the better chance you give yourself, and that’s why I work with you on your branding and budgets over time, so that SEO and business success aren’t out of reach for you and your business budget.


magicWhat Does My SEO Brand Magic Entail & How Does SEO Work?


There are 3 Requirements for Proper SEO:


1) Relevancy & Structure

2) High Quality Backlinks

3) Branding & Authority


There are 2 Types of SEO manifested:


1) On Page SEO=Content on the page which the search engine robot crawls


2) Off Page SEO=Backlinks to those pages.


There are 2 Levels of Ranking:


1) Niche Target Specific-Google determines your niche (need this first)


2) Keyword Specific-Google checks words on the page, determines keyword ranking ability. If you don’t have your niche, you don’t get your keyword rankings.


Google Determines Your Relevancy in 2 Ways:


1) On Page Content Structure-Media Rich with Word Significance & Proper Elements


This is why you must have a blog on your website. You can read more HERE.


2) Off Page Backlinking via Anchor Text, Social Influence Backlinks, High GPR backlinks



There are 2 Types of Backlinks That Must Be Balanced:


1) Social-comes from big social media, comments, shares, likes, etc.


2) Social-comes from big pages with Google approved authority or High GPR (Google Pagerank)


Here’s more to read on Link Building Naturally with New SEO.


How Do You Get Branding?


1) You must be established in your niche as an authority.


2) You need to be a real person and real brand and trusted.


(Big Social Media Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. help establish branding.)


3)You need a product or products for your target market.


brand magic


Target Action Steps for SEO Brand Magic:


Phase I


1) Create Brand=


Brand name, website name, product name, your name, pen name, etc. Analyze messaging, navigation, business model and site function with keyword research and custom application.


2) On Page Content SEO Phase=


Establish homepage + pages in your niche specific layered keyword categories from keyword research.


3) Create content blog posts in your niche specific layered keyword categories under each page category.



Target Action Steps for SEO Brand Magic:


Phase II


*Set up Announcement Network and Backlinking Across All Pages & Posts


*Social backlinks and social signals must occur over time, and with real people sharing, commenting, backlinking, etc. Your Brand Magic SEO Service provides this system for you.


What Kind of SEO Brand Magic Budget Do You Need to Have?


brandMy desire is to help those of you with smaller budgets, and give you a chance to see your business brands and product creation shine.


I have a variety of business consult and SEO audit services along with DIY SEO Brand Magic products ranging from $99-$1,897.


You can also get affordable Business Web Design and SEO Packages starting and ranging from $2,997-3,897. You can find them at my BLOGmoda My Blog Etsy Shop.


Here is a breakdown of SEO Brand Magic features to help you…



*Business Consult


A comprehensive exercise and one-on-one consult designed to focus your business plan, fine tune your business goals, uncover strengths and weaknesses, and address implementation of your best business presentation for your new website combined with SEO.


*Keyword Research


Complete, target niche specific keyword research to determine your On-Page SEO website set-up, and to ensure your proper keyword structure to implement your Google Friendly content optimization plan.


Watch this video to understand Google Friendly. This is how you gain advantage…



*On-Page SEO Content Action Plan Outline


Defining your website content structure for key pages, homepage and publishing action plan for blog posts based on your business target niche specific keyword research and proper On-Page SEO set-up.


*Call to Action & Purpose


Every Google Friendly optimized page and post are designed with purpose to call your readers, clients or customers to action, create more conversions, and serve as your business tools.


*Video Service


For On-Page SEO, you need a video, and it might as well serve to promote you, and call to action together! Your new business video will be made based on selections from The transaction will be handled for you with your input every step of the way.


*Press Release Service


With your new website, product and business ready for the public, you need to announce it to the public through the media. Your crafted press release will go out to Google, Yahoo, Broadcast Stations, TV & Radio, and you’ll receive a Media Report of the websites that picked up your release. This builds your authority, plus gives you essential backlinks for SEO.


*DIY or Ready to Go On-Page Optimized Content


Key Pages, Homepage & Blog posts created and optimized based on your target niche specific keyword research and SEO action plan outline. All pages are Google Friendly optimized with proper On-Page SEO elements, and handed to you as a DIY outline, or to publish.


*Off-Page SEO Social Backlinking & Social Signal Service


Now that you have your On-Page SEO set, you need your Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO includes the relevant and natural backlinks and social signals that come from social media that build your authority and target your brand magic.


*Target Social Backlinks


You’ll get natural and relevant backlinks to your keyword optimized pages and keyword optimized posts.


*Target Social Media Boosts


You’ll get your choice of more followers, likers, plus ones, shares, etc. for social media pages of your choice.


*Additional SEO Brand Magic Target Niche Services


*Custom Brand Magic SEO Packages


I can create a custom SEO Brand Magic Package based on the number of websites, pages, posts, social backlinks, social signals, press releases and videos that suit your biz and website(s), as well as your best presentation of your brand(s), product(s) and message(s).


*Custom Maintenance Services & Payment Plans


I can create a custom payment plan designed to fit your monthly budget, and spread your service out over a longer period of time.


*Ongoing SEO Maintenance


Service beyond your initial package set up, which maintains your keyword research, updates of content, and maintains your Social Backlinking and Social Signals.


*If you need product creation, analysis of performance and e-commerce SEO


I can help you with these aspects of your target brand presentation, either for an e-commerce shop or Etsy Shop. SEO is different when it comes to e-commerce on your website and Etsy, and I have years of experience with 2 e-commerce sites and 2 Etsy Shops.


*Book Creation, Author Authority & Status on Amazon Kindle


Often, the existing content you build up on your website doesn’t target your proper keyword research and new SEO Outline Action Plan, yet content is precious in our online biz world, and should never go to waste.


I can help you utilize your material for book creation, gift incentive sign ups or download sharing, so that you are making the most with the time you spent, and re-purposing value to your benefit.


Also, being an author with expertise in your field, and being published on Amazon builds your authority, trust and credibility. I am an Amazon Best Selling Author and specialize in Amazon SEO. I can help you obtain status to get found for your Amazon Kindle Book keywords.





More About Your Brand Magic SEO Services


*Please Note: Your content publishing schedule, social backlinking and social media boost are all based on real people in natural behavior, which Google likes. These are not “buy fake followers or fast and easy backlink” or writing services.  All services respect Google’s standards, and are designed to help your business in its authentic capacity, with real people and a real brand growing at a real pace behind an exceptional product or service…Brand Magic.


*Time Periods for Full Service: For good SEO, it needs to occur slowly over time. Please expect approximately 5-6 months to complete your initial Consult & Published On Page SEO Content Action Plan. Your Off Page Social Backlinks & Signals will also occur naturally through your service period.


*Payment: I can create a monthly payment plan for you based on a deposit up front, and monthly payments after to complete your service. Monthly payment must be received for work to continue.


*Services and SEO maintenance are renewable on a custom basis. I am here to work with you.


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